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Joel Burton - A Smart Introduction to Plone


A smart introduction to Plone

Presented by Joel Burton


The world of online content management systems has become so enormous that it can be difficult to weigh the advantages--and disadvantages--of the systems. The speaker, a noted Plone author and consultant, will demonstrate the featureset of Plone, and provide real-world hints on the customer value and challenges it provides.


Here, you can learn where Plone may serve your needs well, and where it might be overkill or inappropriately deployed. You'll also learn approximate budgets, in time and learning, you'd need to get up to speed on the system. In addition, a demonstration of the upcoming features of Plone 4 and a future- looking glance at the radically-redesigned Plone 5 will be given. Recommended for new and casual users of Plone, and for people interested in understanding its niche in the CMS/application development world.

[VIDEO HAS ISSUES: Sound and video are poor. Slides are hard to read.]


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