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Guy Kloss - Python Data Plotting and Visualisation Extravaganza


Python Data Plotting and Visualization Extravaganza

Presented by Guy Kloss


In various fields data is accumulated or produced. This can be observation data, statistical data, simulation data, ... Information like that can in many cases be much more easily analysed through the user's eyes employing data visualisation. This talk is trying to dive briefly into various means and tools to visually analyse data of different qualities: time series, simple 2D plots, surface plots, volume plots, quiver plots, etc.


I am planning on doing a "fly by" through the world of data visualisation for different types of data using different tools. Types of data:

  • 1D data and simple functions
  • 2D data for surface plots
  • 3D data through quiver plots, iso surfaces, and cutting planes
  • n-D data through different means
  • continuous and non-continuously structured data
  • time series
  • real time data visualisation/analysis

The tools that will probably appear in the demos and discussions:

  • GNUplot
  • matplotlib
  • Mayavi2
  • Visual Python

[VIDEO HAS ISSUES: Sound and video are poor. Slides are hard to read.]


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