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Serverless 2.0 with functions with Python


Imagine billions of functions, with in-memory state, distributed across a Kubernetes cluster!

Serverless is revolutionary and will dominate the future of Cloud. Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) however—with its stateless and short-lived functions is only the first step.

What’s needed is a next-generation Serverless platform and programming model for general-purpose application development in the new world of real-time data and event-driven systems. What is missing is ways to manage distributed state in a scalable and available fashion, support for long-lived virtual stateful services, ways to physically co-locate data and processing, and options for choosing the right data consistency model for the job.

This talk will discuss the challenges, requirements, and introduce you to our proposed solution: Cloudstate—an Open Source project building the next generation Stateful Serverless, running on Kubernetes, Akka, gRPC, Knative, and GraalVM, with polyglot support for Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, Swift, Scala, Python, Kotlin, and more.

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