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pyRT - Computer Graphics in Jupyter Notebooks for Fun and Teaching


Image Generation using Pure Python

PyRT (pronounced pirate) is a raytracer/image generator for Python 3.5 and higher. This project is mainly done with the following in mind:

  • ray tracing in the Jupyter notebook
  • Teaching computer graphics and ray tracing
  • Exploring ray tracing concepts for geo data using Python.
  • Rendering geo data, including large point clouds.
  • Implementing new algorithms for rendering large 3D city models.
  • Creating 3D-Maps from OpenStreetMap data
  • Server-side rendering / cloud based rendering

In this talk I will present the project and show some examples. I will show how useful it is to create quick 2D animations, such as visualization of different sorting algorithms and I how to create fractals and other graphics. A certain focus is also on geodata therefore I will show how to create a live EarthQuake map using pyRT. In the last part I will show to use pyRT to create 3D renderings.

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