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Community-oriented conference status during COVID-19


what can we do during/after COVID-19

due to COVID-19(Coronavirus disease 2019), we changed our life, social, and our community. most of us are engineer/organizer/designer/contributor with passion to communicate to everyone who has similar background. in COVID-19 disease, we are forced to reduce social event for keeping safe. in case from China/Korea/Malaysia.... we can see the number is decreasing and be controlled after each government announced new policy: Face masked, Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Isolation. it meant we can not go to some place to hangout like usual, of course we have a lot of SMS tools/platform/media to keep relationship with our love, but for community, we easily lost our passion. and now, I want to share some doing/status of communities in Asia or other region I knew during/after COVID-19.

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