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PEP yourself: 10 PEPs you should pay attention to


Reading standards documents can be a dull task. But like in other fields, standards in Python play a big part. Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs) are defined, improved, and eventually implemented by the community. They apply to mostly anything related to Python, from the more abstract and general to the more concrete and specific. Paying attention to them, and knowing which ones to read beforehand is a vital task that should take place prior to writing the first lines of code in a project.

In this talk we will go over a condensed list of the most important PEPs to this date and see how they influence everyday coding. From style guides and docstring conventions to data classes and assignment expressions, we will see how these PEPs affect (or can affect) the code we write, and how can we use them to improve our code and make developing easier and more fun.

After this talk, attendees will have a better grasp on why PEPs are important to Python, which are a must read, and which ones they should use as a guide in the future, both for coding and refactoring.


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