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Get up to speed with Cython 3.0


Processing lots of data, in need of more speed, or struggling to make use of native code? The Cython compiler for Python solves all of these problems in a pythonic way, by compiling Python code to optimised C code.

Cython [1] has a very long history of faithfully helping users to solve their Python performance problems and integrating native code into Python in production critical settings, while stimulating somewhat less confidence with its 0.x versioning scheme. For the next Cython version, a stable 3.0 release, we are planning to clean up several historically grown issues in the language to make the Cython compiler more friendly for modern Python users to work with.

In this talk, I will show how Cython can be used for compiling and speeding up Python code, using fast native data structures and libraries. I will then give an overview of the changes that are on their way for the 3.0 release and how they will affect the user experience.


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