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Deploy Python to the cloud faster with Azure Serverless


Bringing your Python scripts or apps and running them in the cloud is easier than ever with serverless computing. In this talk, we’ll show how you can use Azure Functions to easily deploy and scale your Python workloads without having to manage any servers or pay for unused compute resources. We’ll also show how deep integration with Visual Studio Code offers a great local development experience with full support for debugging and testing your app, and allows you to seamlessly deploy your serverless code to the cloud.

We’ll start by giving a brief overview of the value of serverless computing. Next, we'll create a brand new Python app in Visual Studio Code, and start to add in business logic and ML capabilities. Once we get the app running debugged locally, we’ll publish it to the cloud as a serverless function, and demonstrate the serverless scalability. Finally, we’ll walk you through the tools and capabilities you can leverage around monitoring and management of your Python Azure Functions.


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