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Deep Learning your Broadband Network @HOME


Most of us have broadband internet services at home. Sometimes it does not work well, and we visit speed test page and check internet speed for ourselves or call cable company to report the service failure. As a Python programmer, have you ever tried to automate the internet speed test on a regular basis? Have you ever thought about logging the data and analyzing the time series ?

In this talk, we will go through the whole process of data mining and knowledge discovery. Firstly we write a script to run speed test periodically and log the metric. Then we parse the log data and convert them into a time series and visualize the data for a certain period.

Next we conduct some data analysis; finding trends, forecasting, and detecting anomalous data. There will be several statistic or deep learning techniques used for the analysis; ARIMA (Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average), LSTM (Long Short Term Memory).

The goal is to provide basic idea how to run speed test and collect metrics by automated script in Python. Also, I will provide high level concept of the methodologies for analyzing time series data. Also, I would like to motivate Python people to try this at home.

This session is designed to be accessible to everyone, including anyone with no expertise in mathematics, computer science. Understandings of basic concepts of machine learning and some Python tools bringing such concepts into practice might be helpful, but not necessary for the audience.


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