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Brainwaves for Hackers 3.0


Andreas Klostermann - Brainwaves for Hackers 3.0 [EuroPython 2016] [20 July 2016] [Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain] (

This talk is about using our Python skills to explore the secrets of our brains. Using the Neurosky Mindwave as a bluetooth connected EEG device, I'll talk about new experiments I have performed inside the Jupyter notebook, for example "Evoked Response Potentials" and more about "Neuro Feedback" training.

Electroencephalography (EEG) measures potential waves originating within the brain. Billions of brain cells fire inside your brain, each sending out a minuscule wave. The summed potential waves can be measured, even with quite cheap and portable devices.

Being the third major version of this talk, I'll talk briefly about the Neurosky Mindwave and the Muse headset. I have also developed more interactive Jupyter experiments, which I'll demonstrate in the talk. For example Evoked Response Potentials (ERP) can be demonstrated with relatively simple means. Also I'll talk some more about experiments with Neuro Feedback.

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