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The Lightweight Cloud Servers War Begins


Haikel Guemar - The Lightweight Cloud Servers War Begins [EuroPython 2015] [20 July 2015] [Bilbao, Euskadi, Spain]

Docker has introduced a new model of deployment solving the infamous "Deployment Matrix from Hell" by using containers. But this also brought the spotlight back on the Operating System side, and following the trails of CoreOS and Atomic Host, a new generation of Cloud Servers are born by using containers instead of traditional RPM/DPKG/tarball/whaterver packages model to deploy services. CoreOS/Atomic Host/Snappy Ubuntu and now VMWare Photon also provides transactional image-based OS focusing on security and built-in cluster management.

During this talk, we'll present these next-gen OS, and their components and how they fit in.


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