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Jython in practice


A lot of people have heard of Jython, some have tried it, but it seems few have actually deployed it in a corporate environment. In this talk I'll share my experiences in using Jython as a testbed for Java applications, for rapid prototyping in Java desktop and web environments, and for embedding scripting capabilities in Java products.


Not everyone gets paid to work with Python all the time, but if you find yourself in a Java project, there are good chances you could benefit from Python without throwing out the Java stack. Using Jython, you can do rapid prototyping without the long edit-compile-test cycles normally associated with large Java projects, whether on the web or the desktop, and when testing an application might become a nightmare of scaffolding in Java, a little Jython may be just what you need to be able to run your tests smoothly.

At the end of this talk, I will put on my politician´s hat and bring up the best - and worst - arguments to use to get permission to use Jython in a corporate environment.


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