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Minimalism in software development, or why you should do less


[EuroPython 2012] Fredrik Haard - 5 JULY 2012 in "Track Lasagne"


Lean and agile promises - when implemented right - to reduce the pain of process and management overhead. As agile proponents say (the better of them at least), this does not actually solve all our problems, it merely lets us see them clearer. And one thing that we can see clear once management overhead goes down, is that we are perfectly able to create our own, technical, overhead. Developer culture and a tendency of solving problems ‘the usual way’ can - and does - create complicated solutions to simple problems, and regularly leaves us in configuration hell. This is a talk about frameworks and API:s, programming languages and data storage, and why we - developers - spend a large amount of time not creating value. Even if we have the most perfect of agile implementations with zero process overhead (yeah, right!), we still waste time in development, and its all our own fault. I will discuss what we spend our time on, why any framework should be approached with trepidation, and how we can do better than keep repeating the mistakes of yesteryear.


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