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How to bootstrap a startup using django


[EuroPython 2012] J Leidel -P Wassibauer - 3 JULY 2012


Based on our (Philipp Wassibauer and Jannis Leidel) experiences building this talk will give you valuable insight as to how your infrastructure will evolve and how to set up the basic components (Loadbalancer, Webservers, DB, Caching, Celery, CDN, …) of your site. Outline: Basic project layout - How to handle different configurations and package your project to make it easy to deploy and install. A basic timeline of how your infrastructure needs will evolve - Starting from the initial 1 server setup we will talk about how and when to scale out your servers. Replicate production environments in development - We developed a way to have all your services (Webserver, Celeryd, Solr, Cache, Compass compiler, …) running using one management command. Setting up Chef recipes to provision your servers. Dealing with cloud based servers - Tips and tricks on how to manage your cloud based server using tools like Instagrams ec2-ssh. Automating deploying to a bigger infrastructure (5+ servers) - Once the infrastructure becomes larger the deployments become more tedious. There are a few automation tools for these scenarios like the Etsy Deployinator. Tips on performance - How to find and remove performance bottlenecks.


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