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Getting ready for PostgreSQL 9.1


[EuroPython 2011] Gabriele Bartolini,Harald Armin Massa,Marco Nenciarini - 22 June 2011 in "Training Pizza Napoli "


PostgreSQL is an advanced, versatile open-source database management system that integrates perfectly with Python. It is developed by a very active international community and is distributed under the BSD-like PostgreSQL License.

Enterprise-class features (including SQL standard compliance, ACID transactions, disaster recovery, high availability, replication, partitioning and general extensibility) make PostgreSQL suitable for business critical environments seeking to reduce the TCO of their database solutions without altering their functional needs. PostgreSQL 9.0, released in September 2010, was the first version of PostgreSQL with Hot Standby, a built-in master/slave replication mechanism. Asynchronous replication through the standard and consolidated log shipping technique (previously used with Warm Standby for high availability) has been enhanced with streaming replication.

Version 9.1, expected to be out later in 2011, will add synchronous replication to PostgreSQL, making it the first DBMS that allows developers and users to control the replication strategy at transactional granularity. Come to the talk and discover all the major new features of PostgreSQL 9.1, including extensions management, writable common table expressions (WCTE), etc.

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