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Introduction to Django and GraphQL


GraphQL has grown a lot overtime, but it seems to still be a new “thing” in the Python and Django World. This talk will be an introduction to GraphQL, explaining why it has been created and how you can use it in Python and Django.

  • Short speaker introduction
  • Small digression on how the “old” web used to be and how it has now evolved into the modern web
  • Really quick explanation of REST (just to make sure everyone is familiar with it)
  • What are some limitations of REST? What can we do about it?
  • Introduction to GraphQL, what it is, how’s using it and when has it been created?
  • GraphQL: query language syntax
  • GraphQL: types and introspection
  • GraphQL: operation, how to read data,update data and more
  • How to use Graphql with Python and Django
  • Let’s make a simple API
  • How to create queries
  • How to create mutations
  • Things to consider (security caching and performance)
  • Closing thoughts


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