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Stumbling Through Django and How Not To

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DjangoCon US 2017 - Stumbling Through Django and How Not To by Melanie Crutchfield

If you’re a beginner about to embark on a new Django project adventure, this talk is for you.

When I started my first Django project, I took the “Sure, I think I can figure that out” approach, which is fun! And also dangerous. But exciting! And also horrible because I caused myself a lot of trouble and barfed on my keyboard. (Metaphorically.) Oops.

My hope for this talk is to pass along lessons I learned the hard way, and save the world. Or at least prevent some frustration. :) We’ll talk about version control, structuring your project, and how to handle top secret stuff. We’ll also talk about throwing house parties without causing anaphylaxis, pregnant daddy seahorses, velociraptors, and friends. I promise all of that is related to Django.


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