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Serverless Django


DjangoCon US 2017 - Serverless Django by Rich Jones

You’ve probably heard the buzzword by now - “serverless”. It’s a new type of application architecture where traditional web servers are replaced by ephemeral cloud services. But what does it mean for the average Django user? Hint: lower costs, more scalability, more capabilities and less ops tasks to worry about!

First, this talk will explain what “serverless” really means for you, and provide an overview the advantages and disadvantages of event-driven server-less architectures.

Next, we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to migrate your existing Django CMS application to run on AWS Lambda by using the Zappa framework, including some real-world issues you might bump into.

Then, we’ll show how to implement some of the most common Django patterns as part of a server-less architecture - uploaded avatar image processing, batch and timed sending of email, and long running tasks like statistical aggregation.

Finally, we’ll show how to scale up your server-less application to trillions of events per year by distributing your app to dozens of data centers all around the globe, and do an ultimate cost analysis of your new system.


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