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Programming Post-Progeny: A New Parent's Perspective


DjangoCon US 2017 - Programming Post-Progeny: A New Parent's Perspective by Jacinda Shelly

When my daughter appeared on the scene in 2017, my life was turned upside down.

As I was returning to work, I found that previous strategies for managing my time weren’t up to snuff and I needed to create new ones if I was to be effective at my craft. No longer did I have 15 minutes to “get in the zone” - I needed to get things done in any time available. I learned to carve milestones out of minutes (sometimes) and will share what did (and didn’t) work for me.

I also share stories about my general journey of becoming a parent that may be helpful to anyone thinking about becoming a parent (or just wondering what it might be like!).

Or you could just come to the talk for the cute baby pictures - they make everyone smile!


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