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Angular 2 and You


Angular 2 and You by Pam Selle

AngularJS is one of, if not the, most popular JavaScript framework out there today. But a new day is coming: The dawn of Angular 2! Angular comes with a robust community and standard of practice, but Angular 2 is something even more intriguing: a JavaScript framework based on components (not unlike React!), with an eye towards complying with future web standards.

In this talk, we’ll cover the broad strokes of Angular 2, including some of the big game changers: web components and “choose your own language” support, and how it integrates into back-ends like Django to provide some structure to your front-end. You'll learn about Angular 2's approach to the "JavaScript framework" problem, how components create modularity in your application, and a little bit about the JavaScript build toolchain (mysterious to many!) that the JavaScript world is constantly debating over.


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