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Lightning Talks - Part 2

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Lightning Talks

Dmitry Filippov "Django assistance in PyCharm"

Paul Bailey "End the Holy Wars of Formatting"

Trey Hunner "JavaScript is Becoming Pythonic"

Eduardo Rivas " Sublime Text Django"

Jeff Sumner "Texas Swim Center"

Francisco Saldana "Keeping Fast Fast: Rapid Iteration with TransactionTestCase"

Raphael Merx "Mocking Outbound Requests with HTTPretty"

James Tauber "Building a Learning Management System with Pinax"

Miroslav Shubernetskiy "Filtering in Django"

Armin Ronacher "rb - Scaling Redis in Python"

Brendan Sterne "Code Wiki"

Russell Keith-Magee "Professional Yak Coiffure"


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