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Rapid Prototyping and Communicating with Clients


Rapid Prototyping and Communicating with Clients

Wednesday 2:45 p.m.--3:30 p.m.

Audience level: Novice


This talk will focus on the conversations around rapid prototyping. Miscommunication between developers and clients can occur because of different perspectives and work styles. In this talk I'll introduce interaction design concepts and templating with Django to show how easy it is to set up a minimally viable UI and explain the value in letting users feel that they have creative control. Abstract

Talk will begin with an overview of some common communication problems between developers and non-technical clients. For example, the client may want to see a particular font but want to see how it looks before making a final decision. Allowing them the flexibility to edit this setting in the admin offsets some of the back and forth dialog and editing CSS files numerous times. (2 mins)

Intro to Interaction Design (5 mins) - Wireframing and design pattern libraries - Screen sizes and responsive design

Intro to Django Templates (8 mins) - Talk about the common template elements (such as include tag for DRY design) - Tips on structuring templates

Viewing web applications as data flow diagrams (5 mins) - Describe DFD diagrams - Organizing templates based on DFD components

Example of apps with different UIs for same data (10 mins) - Picture dictionary (showing text, images, links) ( - Interactive reports on statistics (

Example of an app with pseudo apps (5 mins) - Using cloud hosted console for prototyping with django (

Recap on design patterns and templates (1 min)

Questions & Discussion (rest of the time)


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