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How to Learn Django the Wrong Way


How to Learn Django the Wrong Way

Wednesday 12:15 p.m.--1 p.m.

Audience level: Novice


Can you remember your very first Django project and some embarrassing mistakes you made? Come hear about some 'aha' moments of a novice Djangonaut! I'll share valuable lessons I learned by doing things the wrong way. If you are a Django novice, you'll learn some pitfalls to avoid. If you are a seasoned Djangonaut, you can find out challenges that a new Djangonaut, your new hire or mentee may face! Abstract

Can you remember your very first Django project and some mistakes you made? Or are you a Django novice embarking on your first application or struggling with one?

Come hear about my experiences as an entry developer @InVitae. In this talk, I'll give a quick overview of my first Django project and give snapshots to explain how it changed over time. There will be code snippets to show some horrible code I initially wrote, consequences of those code, and improvements that were made later. In the process, you'll find out how I learned Django (more accurately, still learning) by doing things the wrong way and how one can learn about good software engineering practices through bad practices.

Some potential topics include: Where does this function belong-- in models or views or another file? Facing the consequences of bad schema in an agile programming environment Auto-reloading troubles to removing the cache layer Migrating from function-based views to class-based views A posteriori testing

The goal of this talk is two-fold: to give a fresh perspective on how building a Django application may be like for the complete newbie (those new to programming and to Django), and to help prevent other beginners from making the same mistakes I made.


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