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How To Create Amazing Open Source Modules



Tuesday 4 p.m.--4:45 p.m.

Audience level: Novice

DESCRIPTION Every Django project will eventually benefit from a third party module. Whether you're considering publishing your first module or your next one, this talk will cover everything you need to know. The open source quilt is woven by each of us. How do you make sure your module is useful to the community? How do you accept patches? How do you maintain your module?

ABSTRACT Intended audience:

Python/Django developers who understand Python modules but are new to publishing them as open source Developers who have built several open source modules but want to get better at making them useful and effective Developers in closed source companies who want to share code with their team more effectively Anyone who wants to make Python software better for everyone A sampling of topics:

Documenting your module Ensuring stability Supporting multiple versions of Python Collaborating with the community


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