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Finding the Needle: Search and Django


Finding the Needle: Search and Django

Tuesday 4 p.m.--4:45 p.m.

Audience level: Intermediate


Most websites share at least two things in common: content and users who want to find content. This talk will cover the basics of site search using search engines (the kind you run, not Google), setting up a Django project with Haystack, highlight some of the gotchas you might encounter, and touch on some more advanced functionality. Abstract

The ability to find content on a site is important to users, and there are some great tools that make a sometimes tricky problem a lot simpler. This talk will address the search problem, introduce a few of the tools at your disposal, and provide a way to get started using Django Haystack.

The goals is for developers new to search to understand what's different about using a search engine as an additional service, to be aware of some of the "gotchas", and to know not just what's possible but how to get started. Advanced topics in brief One slice at a time: Faceting Finding Carmen Diego: Geospatial search This, this, this: Relevance boosting Puppies, dogs, and canines: Synonym searching


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