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Why Django Sucks, and How We Can Fix It


Eric Florenzano trolls DjangoCon. He identifies problems with Django ranging from app structure, to settings, to the development process, to the community, and more. Some of the problems he identifies have been around since the beginning, and some are emerging as Django matures. It's not all gloom—the latter half of the talk focuses on proposals on how to tackle these issues that face Django.


This talk focuses on real problems that people face when using Django every day. It dives down and attempts to find root causes for each of these problems. Essentially, what are the things that suck about Django?

Then the talk walks point-by-point for each of the things that suck, and provides suggestions for actions that the Django community can take to make them suck less.

The goal here is to start a discussion, to bring to light the problems that tend to be ignored, and to have a little fun in the process.


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