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Inspired by Ian Bicking's session of the same name at PyCon 2009, this will be a somewhat eclectic talk covering various subjects near and dear to the speaker's heart, including Django's release process, best practices for application development and what the future holds for our favorite Python web framework.


This talk will come in, roughly, four parts:

  • The release process
    • How Django gets made
    • Things we've screwed up
    • Things (I think) we've gotten right
    • The unsung heroes who make Django happen
  • The state of Django applications
    • A summary of current best practices for development, documentation, packaging, collaboration, etc.
    • Common issues and ways to fix them
    • "There's an app for that" and its discontents
  • The future
    • Musings on Django 1.3 and 1.4
    • Python 3: when will we get there, and what will it mean for us?
    • The world is changing; how can we change with it?
  • General Q&A;


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