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Data Herding: How to Shepherd Your Flock Through Valleys of Darkness


Learn how to use common tools like the management shell, django-extensions, and iPython to craft an effective workflow whether you're building a new schema or migrating from old systems. We'll also look at how to take advantage of the latest ORM features.


The presentation would consist of walking through a few example scenarios where one would deal with processing or converting data in some manner. For example, migrating from a large legacy database often brings a number of tedious problems. I would demonstrate how to work in an iterative, repeatable style using the Django sql management commands, a few iPython tricks, etc.

Another demonstration would be showing a team workflow for South migrations, illustrating how to deal with some common problems that crop up in practice.

The audience will leave with some solid techniques for dealing with a few specific data management challenges. The unifying philosophy throughout is to break large, difficult problems into small, repeatable steps and audience members should also come away knowing how to select tools that help them work in this style.


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