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Domain Driven Design with Django and GraphQL


Domain driven design is starting getting traction in the Python world, probably also thanks to Architecture Patterns with Python (

In this talk we will learn some basics of Domain Driven Design and how to apply the pattern when using Django and GraphQL. We will see different approaches of modelling the domain, and discuss the tradeoffs. We will discuss why this approach makes a lot of sense with GraphQL and finally we will see a complex approach where we leverage the domain driven architecture to have an easy way to abstract how we store and cache our data in order to build a performant GraphQL API.

This talk is aimed at people with knowledge of web-development. GraphQL knowledge won’t be necessary as I’ll do a quick introduction of that. Experience with Django, Flask or similar framework might be useful but not required. The audience will learn basic concepts of domain driven design and how to apply them to build a scalable GraphQL API.


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