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Making your life (h)APIer with Django


In today’s web, creating API’s has become a big part of web-development. Django and Django REST Framework make our lives easy :-) But let’s take it a notch further with DRF-Schema-Adapter. When it comes to building API’s with Django, Django REST Framework has become the go-to solution. It is a great tool that integrates seamlessly with Django and it’s ORM. Unfortunately when building a medium-to-large API, DRF leads to a lot of very similar and somewhat repetitive code in building your ViewSet, Serializer, Pagination or Filter classes. In the long-run, all this code also has to be maintained! This is where DRF-Schema-Adapter can make your life easier and happier! In this talk, we’ll go over the basics of building an API with DRF versus using DRF-Schema-Adapter and how it will help shrink your codebase.


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