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Feeding the Pony: Contributing back to Django & How to make that work for you


Django’s life-blood is its contributors. This talk is about how we enable more contributors from across the community, how they (You!) can get involved, and how you can make sure that it helps your career. Django looks like it’s doing just fine: it’s a popular framework in a popular language. We have major releases every six months. We have Django Girls, a Foundation (and Fellows), super conferences in glamorous locations, and more. But the code is old and there’s only the smallest number of people that regularly contribute. We need more. We need you! What’s more, as good as we are elsewhere as a community, the group of contributors isn’t as diverse as the community at large: there are clearly barriers to entry here. We’re trying to change that, and we want to invite you to come and join-in. Contributing to open source is great fun, it’s a great learning opportunity, and it can really help your career. I’m going to tell you how to get involved, and how to get support in that. Importantly I’m going to tell you how to avoid the pitfalls. You are qualified to contribute. More than that, your contribution is the future of Django. Come code!


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