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SpyPi: An Attempt to Get Students Into Data Security


Technology has become a fundamental part of our daily life and a major component of the education system. Students are encouraged to interact with technology and make use of it. However, in the majority of cases the importance of data security is not discussed, although, it is important, that especially young people get a feeling for the power of modern technology and the dangers that come with it.

SpyPi is an attempt to approach these topics in class. The interactive hacking-station is the result of my high school graduation work and bases on Raspberry Pi and Python. It enables a role reversal between the user and black-hat hacker/data collector. This helps students to gain a new perspective on their own behavior with digital information. SpyPi’s interactivity avoids flooding people with jargon-heavy information and permits SpyPi to meet the user at eye-level. Several applications are included to point out various dangers we face on a daily basis.


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