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Dash - A New Framework for Building User Interfaces for Technical Computing


If you are a data scientist today, it's actually pretty tough to build a data visualization web-application. If you're not a full-stack developer, you're practically out of luck.

But GUIs like sliders, dropdowns, and text inputs are extremely helpful to the data scientist or engineer. If you're an R programmer, you're in luck with Shiny. If you're a MATLAB programmer, you can use GUIDE (but good luck sharing it!). The dash project introduces a framework for building web-based technical computing apps (GUIs). It's like a Shiny for Python. dash is built off of plotly.js and react.js to provide rich interactive graphing and user interfaces and Python's flask to provide a simple but scalable web server.

This talk will introduce the scientific community to Dash. We'll go over motivations behind the project, the basic architecture of the framework, several interactive examples, and leave with a vision for the future of interactive and sharable technical computing.


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