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Asynchronous Web Development with Tornado


An introduction to non-blocking web development with Tornado, an open-source server and simple framework from Facebook/FriendFeed.


Web frameworks like Django, Flask, etc. are great for most traditional web sites. However, there is a growing need to produce web applications that are responsive to external "events", whether a response from Twitter's API or a new message in an online chat room. Newer, non-blocking frameworks like Tornado seek to address this in a scalable manner.

This talk will briefly introduce non-blocking principles and patterns, and move quickly into an overview of the library, as well as use cases and anti- use cases. A portion of the time will also be spent pointing out community libraries that are building on Tornado's foundation.


  1. Introduction
    1. Why another framework?
    2. Intro to Asynchronous Design
  2. Overview of a Tornado project
    1. Application
    2. Basic (blocking) Request Handlers
    3. Templates
    4. Asynchronous Handlers
    5. To block or not to block
  3. Batteries included
    1. Auth module
    2. Options module
    3. Database
    4. UIModules
    5. Security
  4. Community
    2. No-SQL libraries
    3. Twisted integration
    4. Torn Admin
  5. Q&A


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