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Generating tabla note sequences with Markov Chains and Processing/p5.js


A fun little web-app that generates random tabla-note sequences, using a JSON file, Markov chains and processing (p5.js). All you need to customise this is your own note-sound files and note-to-note transition probability distributions.


  • Concept: An intuitive, interactive exploration of tabla notes and patterns
  • Who I am: my background


  • Listening to saved patterns, tabla samples
  • Random tabla-note generation
  • Design choices
  • how the parts connect with p5

What/Why Markov chains

  • Tabla states
  • Tabla note-sequence JSON

What is p5.js

  • code-architecture

TODO: Other sequence generators

  • Changing how we sample from the Markov model
  • RNNs

TODO: Design and new features

  • more sliders!


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