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Web Scraping with Python


Web Scraping is widely used to get data from websites automatically. Whether it be contact information, news or selling prices, we rely on web scraping techniques as they allow us to collect large data with minimal effort.

In the Python ecosystem we have a lot of different tools for extracting data from web pages, and in this talk we will present some of the most powerful ones.


Web Scraping is the process of extracting useful information from the web automatically.

It is widely used for various purposes like:

  • Lead generation
  • Price monitoring on e-commerce sites
  • Product reviews collection to do sentimental analysis
  • Social profiles retrieving for recruiters
  • Scraping blogs & forums to keep up with trends and news
  • Maintaining up-to-date real estate databases
  • News aggregators
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Events listings
  • Websites changes detection
  • Etc.

In this talk we will present some of the most powerful tools for extracting data from web pages using Python. We will learn how to use Python to request information from a web server, how to perform basic handling of the server’s response, and how to begin interacting with a website in an automated fashion.


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