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Running jupyter notebook remotely in a docker swarm cluster


The current version of Jupyter Notebook computes the document state at the browser side, this is a problem if you run long jobs in a remote notebook from a laptop. If you close the browser you lose all the output of the current running cell. I will explain how we solved this problem in our lab. This solution it also allows a "walkie-talkie" like real-time collaboration.


The solution is based on running a docker container with a browser and a VNC server. All the remote access to the notebooks is done using Apache Guacamole a clientless remote desktop gateway. Everything is running on a dynamic docker swarm cluster of 20 nodes. As a lateral effect, this solution it also allows a real-time collaboration between users in a way that multiple users can access at the same time the same desktop (but they have to fight for the mouse and the keyboard).


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