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Python is a great tool that's used in the music industry, anything from low level protocol support and device integration to streaming and application automation. My talk will focus on:


  • What is it? How does it work?
  • CC - Control Change messages and how they are used in modern controllers / devices
  • Mido - MIDI Objects for Python


  • What is Open Sound Control?
  • Live OSC and controlling Live from a mobile device
  • PyOSC
  • Ableton Live and Controllerism

Introduction to Ableton

  • Ableton's Live Object Model
  • Python remote scripts and Ableton's API
  • Demo: -- Creating a new python remote script for a controller -- Changing the state of the controller -- Kicking off an action from the controller to Ableton using the LOM

Internet Radio

  • What is Darkice
  • What is Icecast
  • Audio signal programming with Liquidsoap
  • Tying it all together with Airtime and Python


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