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Computer Vision: Creating a complex color polling project using Python, OpenCV and Raspberry Pi


I will be talking about creating a computer vision classroom color poll sheet recognition project using Python, OpenCV and raspberry Pi. Specifically, looking at detecting color poll-sheets in a classroom of about 50 - 150 students. Much like how one can poll an audience of people using a clicker technology and show the results of the audience with regards to a question asked.

  • Audience is anyone interested in computer vision, what computer vision can do and achieve, as well as the hard work required to make it all happen.
  • After the talk the audience can have a glimpse into what it takes to create a computer vision project, as well as the typical process and algorithm one would follow in a simple task of creating a computer vision project using python, opencv and raspberry pi.
  • A few aspects I will cover include:
    • Computer vision goals
    • Simplified overview of the algorithm used
    • Going into a bit of detail where the challenges arise
    • Example of the the project i worked on
    • Results achieved
    • A few global interesting projects around computer vision

I will end with a look into the python code involved and talk through the results of the polling program, as well as any hard to detect areas and how the system detects these. :)


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