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My High School Intern Project: Constructing an AI Helper for Cyber Threat Intell – PyCon Taiwan 2020


Day 2, 14:30–15:00

For the last year, I have been interning at CyCraft AI Lab, the leading cybersecurity firm in Taiwan. My team had to process numerous cybersecurity articles and turn them to actionable information. Due to time pressure to respond to cyber attacks, we constructed a NLP system to tackle this problem. In the project, I construct the whole data processing pipeline to turn the articles into intelligence 1.Crawling the largest Chinese security website 2. Classifying articles to help security team quickly identify articles related to their daily missions. 3. Setting up the recommendation system of prevalent attack methods to help security analyst quickly realize the articles’ theme. 4.Recognizing attack technique in articles and labeling with MITRE ATT&CK technique Our system has achieved 95% accuracy on our collected dataset. I will share our solutions to problems we met during the process and how I balance between intern and high school life.


Speaker: Chia-En Tsai

Taipei First Girls Highschool Student Artificial Intelligence club President Intern in CyCraft AI Lab


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