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Join PyCon JP as a staff with Python! – PyCon Taiwan 2020

By nikkie


Day 1, R3 13:45–14:15

If you're a Pythonista, you've probably experienced the pleasure of automating the boring stuff with Python. In this talk, I'll be sharing two examples of automation with Python from the PyCon JP staff activities. 1. an alternative to a reminder in Slack to stop when it's due. 2. Slack command which enable to copy a document in a Google Drive template. You'll learn how to work with Slack and Google Drive in Python.


Speaker: nikkie

  • Software engineer in Japan
  • Career is in the fourth year after this April
  • start python about 1 year ago
  • building web applications in Flask at work
  • automate some boring stuffs in Python at work
  • joined Django Girls Tutorial Japanese translation from May 2018
  • Django Girls Workshop (Yokohama, Tokyo) coach in autumn 2018
  • self-taught & output-driven
  • Django Basic Hands-on based on Django Girls Tutorial Jan & Feb 2019 (in Japanese)
  • Kaggle Titanic Hands-on based on PyData.Tokyo Tutorial Mar 2019 (in Japanese)
  • Blog:
  • love anime


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