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Celery for internal API in SOA infrastructure


The main purpose of Celery is to execute background tasks. As a rule, Celery processes use the same code base as the main application. I suggest to have a look at Celery from the other side and try to use in as a transport for linking the dispersed application components. The report will show the particular examples of API realization on Celery, take a good look at questions connected with the routing of demands to workers. Also there will be told why exactly Celery is so good for inside API building, in what situations the usage can be excess. The audience will learn how to connect the components of dispersed application in the whole thing fast and without extra consumptions, get rid of coherence, and possibly to look at your application from the other side. It’s taken that listeners know the queue messengers concept and conceive why Celery or analogous solutions can be used


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