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The Anaconda Fedora and RHEL installer


Tytuł/Topic: The Anaconda Fedora and RHEL installer Prelegent/Speaker: Martin Kolman

Anaconda is the default installer in the Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions and their derivatives, being the first point of contact for many of their (future) users. Anaconda is written in Python with some minor C extensions and uses the GTK graphics library for its graphical interface. Anacondas history goes back to the first commit on April 24. 1999, back in the times of Python 1.x and it has been in continuously developed and used ever since. Anaconda evolved from those humble beginnings, through the ever changing Linux landscape, varying requirements, the inevitable rewrites and other challenges faced by such a long running a and critical project. This is how anaconda evolved into what it is now - a flexible full featured Linux distribution installer, supporting a wide range of installation methods and environments, ranging from small ARM boards, through PCs and up to the S390 mainframes and massive server farms.


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