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Payments processing in django


Tytuł/Topic: Payments processing in django Prelegent/Speaker: Krzysztof Dorosz

Talk will cover many advanced aspects of processing payments in django and will be mainly focused on integration with django-getpaid application. Django-getpaid is carefully designed multi-broker payment processor for Django framework. It was designed to provide following features: * multiple payment brokers support - allows using simultaneously many payments methods at the same time, * multiple payments currency support (getpaid will automatically filter available backends list accordingly to the payment currency), * integration flexibility - makes minimal assumption on 3rd party code - requires only an existence of any single django model representing an order, * proper architecture design - all backends which requires fetching payment confirmation are enforced to use asynchronous celery tasks. Django-getpaid is a production ready solution with support for all main payment processing services in Poland. It is also easily extendable via pluggable backend system to support any other services. Project site: This talk will be an extended version of my 2013 DjangoCon talk: "Apps for advanced plans, pricings, billings and payments" concerning only payments topic.


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