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Python for Zombies: 12.000 enrolled in the first Brazilian MOOC to teach Python


Experiences of how we spread the Python community in Brazil with a non english MOOC to teach programming. Python for Zombies is the first Massive Open Online Course to teach programming with Python in Portuguese. Our first edition had 12.000 "zombies" enrolled. This course is very different from traditional MOOCs (Edx, Coursera, etc.). First is an initiative of the brazilian Python community. Besides the difference of language, it is very "casual", as I have little time, I recorded most of the videos on my trips between meetings, conferences or at mealtimes. This MOOC is "brazilian", in a non traditional academic way. The size of the videos is far lower than the average traditional courses too. I'm recording the Spanish version. I will show you the most funny codes that I used in MOOC classes to teach programming: hacking basic modules and classes to obtain the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". All material is Creative Commons Share Alike. The MOOC is based in my experience to teach programming in past six years at FATEC, a public university in Brazil, with decreasing rates of failure in the introduction to programming discipline. We have 100% class in labs, Coding Dojos to training and tests in exercises. Slides for this same title in a talk I gave in Python Education Summit at PyCon Montreal:


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