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Natural Language Processing using Python tools


In this talk I would like to focus more on how language processing is made easier using python tool kits. How can we set up pipeline starting from scratch to the specific solution using Python tools. I have been using python from last 5-6 years and my main area of research is language processing and information retrieval. I have used python tools previously on various projects and problems related to Sentiment analysis, Text processing, Summarization , Classification etc. For details you can check out my profile

I would like to talk about main 2 aspects:

  1. Based Raw Text processing: using NLTK toolkit and other plugins
  2. Deep learning: using Gensim toolkit

Depending on the time availability I would like to have some hands-on experience or have some live coding to make the talk interactive.

During my PhD and collaborative projects with researchers and industries I have discovered sometime starting from scratch seems quite complicated and can take lots of time and resources, but how can we speed up that process and focus on the main innovative solution is the main key resources, which I would like to address and discuss.


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