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Data Processing Pipelines with Apache Airflow & Python


Karl is a data scientist with a biology & bioinformatics background. Having started his professional career in the U.S. biotech scene in Boston he refocused on the fintech sector in hopes of bigger challenges. He has built up the data science team and the machine learning pipeline for an international consumer finance company Creditstar Group and now leads a data science team at the international credit bureau and data management services provider Creditinfo. Outside of his regular work he is also a co-founder at a real estate startup Securebadger where he deals with everything from development to risk models to marketing.

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Python is nearing 3 decades in existence (yes, kinda hard to believe). Where do we go from here? We have the same question, hence PyCon 2019 will be a peek into the future of Python. Come, hang out with an inspired crowd, have rich, direct conversations and who knows, maybe you’ll even find an answer.


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