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Tuning In with SDR & Python


From AM/FM radio and TV to WiFi and Bluetooth, it's kind of magical that our devices can talk to each other without wires. Wouldn't it be great to be able to explore this magic?

Until recently, this was out of reach of a hobbyist and required a wide range of skills from analog electronics to signal processing. However, software-defined radio (SDR) has changed all this and playing with radio is now in the reach of more people than ever before. Better yet, you can use Python for the "software-defined" bit!

This talk is a brief introduction to radio theory, software-radio, GNU Radio and other Python-based tools, why you might be interested, how to get started, and some demos. We'll also look at exploring some basic FMCW radar concepts using MicroPython.

No prior radio or electronics experience necessary!


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