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Deploy to Android: Adventures of a Hobbyist by Brendan Scott


Writing a program in Python targeting the Android environment is well within your reach with the use of third party kits such as Kivy and the Pygame Subset for Android.

Kivy is an "Open source Python library for rapid development of applications" and comes with tools which allow Kivy based programs to be packaged as Android apks for deployment to Android devices. In this session I will give an overview of the Kivy development and deployment process. I will also draw inspiration from my successes and failures in developing Python programs with Kivy to highlight Kivy's strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncracies. Code examples will be kept to a minimum, with a focus on illustrating the capabilities of the Kivy library and explaining how its parts work together.

I will also reserve some time to discuss the Pygame Subset for Android and how it can be used to deploy Pygame based games to Android devices.


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