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SOLVCON: Software-Engineering Simulations of Conservation Laws


SOLVCON is a collection of Python-based conservation-law solvers and uses the space-time Conservation Element and Solution Element (CESE) method. SOLVCON targets at providing a reusable code base for systems of first-order, linear or non-linear partial differential equations (PDEs). In addition to numerical methods, modern conservation-law simulations require code for parallel computing and flexible input, output, and work flow. Researchers spend a lot of time in these supportive functionalities, although they should have focused on the physical processes or numerical methods. Further, SOLVCON emphasizes the connections among documenting, coding, and testing. Many Python-based tools are used in the development, e.g., Sphinx, NumPy, Cython, nose, etc. SOLVCON is open-source and uses a BSD-style license.

About the speaker

Yung-Yu is a software developer for high-performance computing applications. His interests lie on numerical simulations of conservation laws.


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